The Utah Prairie Dog: Life Among the Red Rocks


Written by Dr. Theodore Manno with foreword by Dr. John L. Hoogland
Photographed by Elaine Miller Bond
Published by University of Utah Press (August, 2014)

Intended for all curious readers, The Utah Prairie Dog provides an engaging, firsthand account of field research into the smallest type of prairie dog — the Utah prairie dog (Cynomys parvidens) — a federally threatened species. Text by Dr. Theodore Manno and more than 150 photos by Elaine Miller Bond bring light to behaviors that have long intrigued and fascinated scientists, like why a mother prairie dog would spend the energy to nurse another mom’s pups, or which individuals in the colony give warning calls when danger is near.


Dream Affimals: Inspiration to Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams

Written & illustrated by Elaine Miller Bond
Published by Sunstone Press (2013)
ISBN: 978-0-86534-946-9

What if a puma could spring from the grass and motivate you to “Get more pounce to the ounce?” Or what if an electric eel could somehow zap you with the mindset to “Be positive?” Such is the concept behind Dream Affimals — that animals can uplift your spirits, simply by doing what comes naturally.

Affimals: Affirmations + Animals

Written & illustrated by Elaine Miller Bond
Published by LIT Verlag (2009)
ISBN: 978-3-143-10212-6

Affimals provides uplifting advice — “affirmations” — inspired by such animals as the wild horse (“Unbridle your passion”) and the firefly (“Spark imagination”). A beautiful book for all ages, Affimals is part-inspiration, part-environmental education, all heart.