Elaine Miller Bond got her start as senior science writer for the University of California Natural Reserve System and went on to write and photograph independently.

Her photos have appeared on Discovery Channel Canada, and her publishing credits include Science, NPR, BBC Earth News, The American Naturalist, The Washington Post, Journal of Mammalogy, Berkeleyside, and other scientific and popular outlets.

She wrote and photographed three children's board books: Running Wild (Heyday Books, 2016), Living Wild (Heyday Books, 2017), and Wild Colors (Heyday Books, projected for 2018). She is the photographer for The Utah Prairie Dog: Life Among the Red Rocks by Theodore Manno. This book features more than 150 of Bond's images, depicting both prairie dogs and the scientists who study their behaviors. Bond is also the author of Dream Affimals and Affimals — short, uplifting books that celebrate wildlife as majestic as snow leopards and as humble as earthworms, and the lessons we can learn from them.

Bond took her master's degree from the University of Cambridge in England and her bachelor's degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, near her favorite childhood park, where she continues to search the creeks for newts and follow the paw prints of coyotes.


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